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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Others Making a Positive from Loss

The March issue of Thunder Press has an article about my ride - I'm told in Back Roads - not sure because I haven't seen it yet. But I can tell you that it wouldn't be there without the help of Susan Swan (Chewn' The Fat Boy), one of their great writers/editors. Susan helped edit my story and I thank her.

Something else Susan is involved with is called "To Honor". She and some other people are building a retreat for caregivers - like I was for my parents until their passing - like many of us may have already or may yet be similarly entrusted. Caring for and watching a loved one pass drains the heart and spirit - filling it back up by helping others is a gift. And we can only hope we have someone who loves us helping when we need it - more than likely it will be a professional caregiver - who will also need a respite from the responsibility and the loss.

I hope To Honor will not mind me using their words to help describe what they do. I have taken this from the site (please go there):
"To Honor
At this moment, in countless private homes and nursing facilities nationwide,someone is awaiting a drink, a kindly word, medication, or the comfort of another's company. Whether driven by hunger, pain, or feeling isolated from the familiar, in all likelihood, comfort will come from a caregiver.

Caregivers, nurse's aides, nurses, social workers, and hospice workers are the front line protecting the vulnerable. In addition to addressing patient's medical needs, we rely upon caregivers to provide care with compassion.

Home Alone
Family members who become caregivers quickly realize that, although gratifying, care giving is emotionally and physically exhausting. In the absence of adequate support, unforeseen calamities, loss of personal freedom, worry, and fatigue often lead to caregiver depression.

Unless a supportive relief network is promptly rallied, the patient and the caregiver suffer. "

I'm really big on women helping women - but I'm even bigger on everyone helping everyone! I said this site was about helping others and so I hope you find someone here to help, be it me with my ride and Habitat in New Orleans or Grounds for Health, possibly To Honor, perhaps DJ (story below)...the point is - just reach out - it really feels good! Hopefully it will come back to you when you need it.

Keep following your dreams!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hi Home Inventory Professionals

If you are from the home industry profession and you saw my note on the message board, glad you came to check out my blog.

For those of you who have been following my ride, I will soon be opening a Home Inventory business.

Here's why I'm going to do this: After seeing all of the devastation in New Orleans and then experiencing the record storms in the Seattle area this last year, I realized I could help people minimize their losses through a good home inventory. It can't replace your home or your personal memories, but it can help you replace those costly items that insurance can only cover for a fraction of their value without proof. Trying to remember what you had when you are walking away from a devastated home is too late. Rely on the reports from home inventory professionals at a time when your memory might not be it's best.

I did an inventory for myself before my ride, just in case something happened to me. Now when I look at it, I see that it was not at all what it should have been. Most people doing their own inventory - if they can find the time - will probably not be aware of all that they should do. So why not let a professional do it for you. I see that the recovery on only one item can more than pay for the cost of a good inventory! The inventory can also be used for estate planning, asset verification, loss due to's just a very valuable tool

I will post my new biz site when it is ready - which should be soon. I'm still doing many things related to the ride.

Let me know if you have any questions on home inventories and why to have one.

Those of you who are the new home inventory industry professionals - good for you! I have found it to be a wonderful, sharing community!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Video of Robin's Ride on

Check out the video that they did for me on! It's really great and they worked very hard on it.

Go to the home page and then go to the streaming video link and you will find my video, or paste this into the Address line of your browser.

If you have a slow line it will take a long time to download, but if you have a fast line you will be fine. Pass it on to all you know. And the site is a great resource!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Remembering Mom and Dad

Just remembering my mom and dad. This is their wedding photo and they would be having an anniversary on February 13th. It was always easy to remember because dad's birthday was Valentines day. He always said getting married aged him a year overtnight :0)

Bet lots of guys have said that but he really did get a year older the next day.

They were married 58 years I believe. Wow - people hardly lived that long years ago, let alone be married to the same people for 58 years! They are still together :-)

Checking My Updated Blog

Hi and let me know if you are still out there. I have updated my blog so if you can, please send me a comment to let me know it's working ok.

I would like all who read this blog to please go to my home page at and use either - or both - of the links on the right hand side of the page to contact and send help to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity's Women Build Program, or Grounds for Health - another great women's charity.

Tell them Robin says Hi!

I have just been able to sell one of the items left from the auction. It was a wonderful espresso machine from Vaneli's Espresso Machines. It was a $700 value that went for $300 plus shipping. There are some great deals! Take a look at the list on the "Sponsor List" page on my site and see if there is something you might like. There is still a single shot Kuerig coffee maker from Green Mountain Coffee; a great t-shirt, candle gift set from Minstrel Cycles; some great light fixtures from Idaho Wood and much more. Just let me know and I'll tell you if it still exists. I would make my site a live auction, but I just can't afford to. This will work though - just contact me.

Hope you are all well. I'm working on my house and dreaming of the new riding season.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Fellow Lady Rider - Long Distance and Solo

I recently found out about a lady who did something like what I did this summer. We both went alone - we both went many thousands of miles - we both did it to honor our parents - we were both trying to raise money for charity - we both found our lives changed.

Here is a picture and a little from an article on D J Jones, founder of the Posey Foundation which raises money to help against heart disease. Since my Grandmother, mother and brother all died of stroke and/or heart attack - I recognize her need to help. And I certainly identify with her ride since she did 25,000 this year, with only a short couple of months off for a broken ankle. Yes she beat my 20,226 miles, but we had different goals. Her's was to hit all 50 states; mine was to do a minimum of 20,000. The point is we both followed our dreams, did what most would never try and were both successful by completing our rides.

Excerpts from an article on DJ:
Publication:Special Sections; Date:Dec 24, 2006; Section:Boomer; Page Number:13
Biker undeterred despite reaction to her cross-country trip on behalf of foundation
BY RICK NATHANSON Journal Staff Writer

It isn’t the America that D.J. Jones had hoped to find. She thought the public would quickly embrace someone’s solo cross-country motorcycle journey to raise awareness and money for heart disease and childhood cancers.

Instead, this 48-year-old, 6-foot-tall black woman with riding leathers, a hip-hugging hunting knife and an enormous motorcycle nicknamed “Big Bertha” was met with suspicion and subtle racism.

“It was devastating to me,” says Jones. “I felt like I was getting sand kicked in my face on a daily basis. I got such raw emotion from people because I was so different.”

A self-described “postmenopausal woman on a mission,” Jones is also a former college basketball player, rock ’n roll band singer, personal trainer and competitive body-builder.

Though her motorcycle trip was disappointing in many ways, she turned the marathon ride into a journey of personal enlightenment and got her message across to those few who were open to hearing it.

Before departing, she founded the nonprofit Posey Foundation in honor of her parents, both of whom died from heart disease. The foundation also focuses attention on pediatric cancers, Jones’ tribute to a family friend whose granddaughter survived brain cancer.
... “I wanted to at least finish the trip, and by my actions set an example that if you start something to see it through. But I also wanted to deliver the message that life doesn’t always turn out like you want it to.

“Sometimes you have to change directions, but as long as you can dream it and see it, you can achieve it.”

Check out her site: and go read the entire article.

NOTE FROM ROBIN...I can understand her disappointment. We both had an idealistic approach to our rides - both thought that if we did something so incredible that we would be able to spread the word and inspire people to step up and help those she and I knew needed it. Well - we both believe in following your dreams no matter what, and neither one of us gave up no matter how hard it got.

Two ladies from different lives breaking the mold and going beyond...I love it! Thanks D J!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Over 1.6 million without power, some for over a week!

The greater Seattle area had the worst storm in our history just two days before my auction. Over 1.6 million people lost power for days. Thousands - including my home - were without power for at least a week, and some longer than that. I lost several trees but none hit my home, just lots of clean up. It was hard on all.

The dealership/host was without power and closed the day before, but had it back the day of the auction. Needless to say the attendance was very minimal - only about 20 people. Now the 20 who did show up had a great time and were very generous with their purchases. I had figured if 100 people showed up and spent $100 each (not hard for such an event), it would be a huge success. It looks like the numbers could have worked relative to those who came - just had bad luck with the storm and timing.

So now I will be doing lots of E-bay and/or Craig's list... Can't give up that easy. I'll start just after the 1st. Taking a couple of days off so to speak.

Follow Your Dreams in 2007!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Hello My Friends,

I hope you are all having a very happy holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, the best to you and yours!

Make a new year's resolution to find one thing you have always wanted to d and then just do it. It doesn't have to be large, it's all about starting a chain of positive events in your life. One leads to another, leads to another and on and on.

Follow Your Dreams! Lets see what 2007 will bring - lots of adventure I bet :-)

Keep those cards and letters coming. I miss hearing from you and I know you're out there.